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In Sanskrit the name Shilajit is used for mineral pitch resin which is thick, sticky tar-like substance. It has different names in different languages around the world. As in the English language it is known as the mineral pitch or mineral wax. In Karma people call it Kao-tun “the mountain blood”. The substance has been known as asphalt and bitumen as well, however it is clearly different from the road paving materials. 
In Latin it is known as black asphaltum, Asphaltum Punjabianum or Asphaltum Punjabian. he names in other languages include shargai, dorobi, barahshin, baragshun (Mongolian) shilajatu, shilaras, adrija and girija in Sanskrit, salajit in Urdu, hajar-ul-musa in Arabic, tasmayi in Kazakh, brag zhun in Tibetan, chao-tong orwu ling zhi in Chinese which refers to the flying squirrel excrement.
The term shilajit has various translations from the original Sanskrit, such as “rock invincible”, “rock-conqueror”. After the most widely used descriptor shilajit for the mountain blood the second most popular term is Mumiyo (variations mumie, moomiye, mumijo,moomie) derived from Russian and German, in English translated as “body preserving” or “protecting the body against diseases”.

Where as Mumiyo at higher studies is formulated as totally different substance.On many Offical platforms it has been banned due to its High Side effects.Please make sure your are having Shilajit not Mumiyo.

The origin of the word “Shilajit” dates back to the Greek and means “saving the body”. The Shilajit is found at high altitudes as deposits in cliffs and caves where it is embedded in the rocks. The chemical composition of Himalayan Shilajit is 20% of minerals, 15% of proteins, 5% of lipids and 5% of steroids the rest are carbohydrates, alkaloids and amino acids. Its medical applications include immune-stimulating, anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic activity as well as an ameliorating effect against gastric and intestinal ulcers and even healing of bone fractures. 

The interesting fact is the term Mumijo is not only restricted to the black, tar-like substance from Asia, but it is also used for the subfossil stomach oil deposits from Antarctica, we can also say it is Shilajit like substance that contains glycerol derivatives and has medicinal properties. This material is yellow and originates from the snow petrels, Pagodromanivea. It is waxy organic material, found in petrel-breeding colonies. Researchers reported that the stomach oil of the Petrels consists primarily of triglycerides from which the birds obtained their energy through their intermediary metabolism.The stomach oil of the Leach’s Storm-Petrel, oceanodroma leucorhoa, is composed to >90% of neutral lipids (e.g., triglycerides, wax esters and glycerol ethers). 

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