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Natural Herbs Shop Shilajit ( Silajit , salajeet , sheelajit , Shilajeet, سلاجیت، شلاجیت، شیلاجیت )

What is Shilajit?

Shilajit is a rare substance said to be combination of about 85 minerals and vitamins. We would say Shilajit as Fountain of Youth.IT has cure for almost everything,Some of them are as below ,Rest can be asked by contacting us using our “Contact Us” form

How it came into being?

Nearly 55 Million years ago the Indian and Eurasian continent plates collided with each other along a line crushing huge trees , herbs and everything in the way. The tremendous pressure forced the earth crust to buckle producing towering mountains of The Karakorum. These crushed substances gradually decayed and transferred to black/brown substance known as “Shilajit” .Now every summer when snow melts down gradually raw Shilajit pour out of these mountains. the Indian plates is still pushing north into the Eurasian land mass at 5cm a year causing the mountains to rise 7 millimeter annually.

Types of Shilajit.

The science about Shilajit is that the higher the Height of the Shilajit higher are its advantages

For example: Himalayan Shilajit is from higher altitude mountains then Russian Shilajit. Thus as Himalayan Shilajit is from higher area its also harder to get this Shilajit and has 100times more advantages then Russian Shilajit resulting the price is a bit higher then Russian.

On other hand the process of harvesting Shilajit is little complicated.

After getting raw Shilajit it is then purified and then dried ,Mostly it is dried by two methods

  1. For a low quality Shilajit cheap Shilajit it is cooked on fire, resulting everything in Shilajit gets burned if not taken proper care,This type of Shilajit gets ready within a hour or so and is really cheap like 50grams of 15pounds or so.
  2. other is set under sun to get in a shape it is sold, This type of Shilajit takes about 2weeks to get ready and thus is of its full power.This procedure is done keeping health and hygiene on high priority. AS per we are considered we do not add any artificial flavor or chemical from our side.

End of the story is that DO not go for cheap products and risk your and your loved ones life.

What are its benefits?

We would say Shilajit as Fountain of Youth.IT has cure for almost everything,Some of them are as below ,Rest can be asked by contacting us using our “Contact Us” form

How it should be taken?

First of all there are almost no side effects of Shilajit,but if your allergic to anything you should consult for advise at first. Recommended dosage it’s a pea size or grain size with warm milk or water,(it can be taken orally or may be dissolved in above).

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