How To Check Purity Of Shilajit

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How To Check Purity Of Shilajit

We are dealers of Shilajit based in The Himalayas Since 1980.Our product are Fresh Promised to be of best Quality.Below are Famous methods to check Quality or Purity of Shilajit. We are FDA approved (USA) , UK certified.

Mumiyo is not shilajit:

There is big difference between shilajit and Mumiyo, Shilajit belongs to The Himalayas mountain ranges where as Mumiyo belongs to Russia. Shilajit is rear to find and is one of the most precious item.Where as mumiyo is a common item which can be found easily and is in lower price.Fake sellers scam people in the name of shilajit. Please ask for COS (Certificate of Analysis before purchase).

Shilajit Purity Check

Our product is tested and certified by Government department before sale.For information about How To Check Purity Of Shilajit? Please follow any of follow steps.


  • a)         Smell: Pure Shilajit has a fresh organic earthy smell. The smell of Shilajit is pleasant though it’s strong!

    b)         Texture and Color: Shilajit is a black/brown tar-like substance! Shilajit has a red wine like shade in light when it’s dissolved in water.  We send our Shilajit in resin form as it is sun-dried! Most Cooked Shilajit are hard just like a rock and difficult to scoop.

    c)         Solubility: Shilajit is soluble in water if it is mixed well! It never dissolves in 100% alcohol or in any oil.

    d)         Purification: It’s very simple to check if your Shilajit is well purified or not! Simply put very small amount of Shilajit in bweteen your front teeth and press! If there is any grit or sand, it means your Shilajit isn’t well purified! This is the easiest way to check the purification of Shilajit. Pure Shilajit never catches any flame. I it isf exposed to fire directly, itt becomes ash.

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