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Who We Are?

We are in the business of Himalayan Shilajit since 1980s. We have family history to serve the Humanity with most authentic Himalayan Shilajit. We are based In The Heart of Himalayas Mountain Ranges. Our Expert Team risks there life , Travel on Deadly roads Of the Himalayas to Reach High Altitude killer mountains to get Raw shilajit for us. We then process this shilajit using ancient methods. And Ship to our valued customers worldwide direct from the source (Himalayas).

Our product are Fresh authentic and of high quality (Gold Graded) Shilajit. We do not add any sort of colors or Oils in it.

Shilajit by yorkshire herbs 10 Grams

Do you want to shop from Amazon or Ebay? Think again!

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Besides all the benefits of shopping from the giant online marketplaces like amazon, ebay or etsy where you have tens or hundreds of options to choose the right product for yourself but one of the major dis advantages to the buyer is high prices on these marketplaces. Well this is something that the seller can’t do much about it as they pay fees to these platforms and these fees vary from time to time.

Yes , the sellers do pay a fee. This is the biggest downsides to selling on eBay or Amazon as the “seller fees” is the seller pay every time he makes a sale. Both eBay and Amazon charge (on average) around 10 – 15% of the final sale price in fees. Sometimes it’s more than that, sometimes it’s less. It depends on the product and the selling method. However, the prices for the same product can be cut down by the suppliers like 5-10% on an online store even offering you an online coupon or a promo code for shopping from their store. On an online store both the seller and buyer are happy and this relationship can be further strengthened.

You might be wondering at this point how the buyer-seller relationship can be strengthened further. Well the answer its customers are one of the most valuable assets to any business. No good business mind would want to lose its customers just after its first sale. Every online store take care of one thing for sure, its quality and to bring their old customers back and one of the easiest way is to email their old customers newsletters about promotions, new releases, or gift ideas for special occasions and of course the new seasons sales.

However while selling on eBay, Amazon or some other marketplace, the seller usually don’t have access to the customer’s information. You don’t get their email addresses, and while Amazon will give you their postal address, they expressly forbid to market. So, a chance of building buyer-supplier relationship is destroyed.

Although we have put our products on busy marketplaces like amazon and ebay where if you want to shop Shilajit from us you will have to pay comparatively a high price but this is one of the major reasons we have set up our online store for our customers. We want long term relationship built up on our customers trust, love and care. We want you to come back again and again with good reviews about our quality and services. With your feedback we want to improve our buyer-seller relationship.

Some major concerned Points are:

  • Product Reviews: When buyer visits Amazon or Ebay First thing he looks for is Product Reviews. Do you know Many of those Reviews are Fake? Let me explain How it works.If you search on internet or on Facebook there are many peoples who provide reviews services.Wondering how it goes? Seller ask someone that he is giving product for free.Buyer has to to pay and all amount is returned to him via different sources (Paypal etc).Buyer keeps the product for free and seller gets 5 Stars Impressive Review or feedback.
  • Prime Shipping:    Buyer looks for a fast shipping methods.What else then that like you get product fast and for free? This is one of the biggest scam buyer gets.For example if a seller pays 30 a month as amazon fee + he pays 20% on each sale.On Other side a prime seller pays Prime fees as well on top of all fees.Resulting amazon or prefer these sellers more .These website doesn’t care what they are selling because they are getting good money.Question is that if a product belongs to Canada , Seller claims it to be fresh how can it reaches you within Few hours? Lets say product price is £2 and sellers offers you prime .IS seller too kind to pay about £6 to £10 as a shipping cost for a product of £2? Well outcome is that Item is either not fresh or it is not made in Canada means that it is Fake item
  • Shilajit: Same is the case with shilajit there are 3 major issues going on. Firstly MUMIYO is not Shilajit. Shilajit is a Product from Himalayas Where as Mumiyo is From Russia.They Both are totally different Products.So when customer looks for Cheap shilajitrates they happily buy it not knowing that it is not Shilajit But Mumiyo. Secondly Shilajit is a product from Himalayas.Seller claims it to be fresh how can it reaches you within Few hours? .So that means product is sent from within Seller’s Country. Thirdly If above is the case you should ask about COA (Certificate of Analysis).And Aslo The import sheet of the item.This is to confirm that when was the Item Brought into Your Country.It may be that items you are getting was brought last Year and Yet It is still waiting to be Sold?

Do Not Risk Your Life For Few Bucks’ Always Buy High Quality Graded Items

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