Shilajit Benefits , What is Shilajit?


Shilajit  – good health from nature itself

It is difficult to find a person who has never heard of such a product as the Shilajit Shilajit . The thing is that the Shilajit has been used in various fields and for various purposes for a long time. And the demand for this tool has only increased over the years, the demand for it is growing at an incredible speed.

What is a Shilajit  and how to distinguish a natural product from a fake

Shilajit  is a natural-organic complex, which includes about thirty chemical elements, about the same number of macro elements and micro elements, several types of amino acids, a large number of vitamins and essential oils. In addition, bee venom is also present in the composition of the mummy.

If we talk about the appearance of the Shilajit mummy, then it is a kind of plaque that resembles a crust. You can see it, you can find it on rocky surfaces that are above sea level. This plaque cannot be called homogeneous, since it consists of impurities – both organic and inorganic. In addition, it includes sand, the remains of living organisms and their metabolic products.

Shilajit  is mined in mountainous areas – for example, Shilajit is very rich in this amazing natural remedy.

Many people who want to buy a Shilajit in order to try the beneficial properties of this natural complex on themselves often express doubts about what color a quality product should be – that is, a natural mummy, and not a fake or fake analogue. Someone says that it should be black, others say that the Shilajit Shilajit should be exclusively yellow. And both options are correct – indeed, the Shilajit can be either black or yellow, sandy.

What scientists and science say about the properties of the Shilajit Shilajit

First of all, the luminaries of science declare that the useful qualities and properties of the Shilajit depend directly on its composition. That is, it is very important to consider the percentage of organic and inorganic components of the product.

And yet, science has come to the conclusion that whatever this ratio is, natural Shilajit is able to heal a person from a large number of ailments.


minerals in Shilajit by Natural Herbs Shop

What heals and helps the Himalaya Shilajit

When you come to the store for a Shilajit, the price of which, I must say, is affordable for almost everyone, you should understand what exactly you want to cure. Below we list the main beneficial qualities and properties of this amazing natural doctor:

  • Increased body resistance to the effects of viral, bacterial and other infections;
  • Stimulation of the growth of healthy cells in the body, restoration of damaged cells and tissues;
  • Elimination of inflammatory processes;
  • Disinfection of damaged skin;
  • Treatment for poisoning, intoxication;
  • Good analgesic effect;
  • Positive effect on cell metabolism;
  • Stimulation of natural collagen production

Himalaya Shilajit is able to heal a large number of diseases and ailments of the human body. Below we suggest that you familiarize yourself with only a part of the list of diseases that people successfully got rid of with the help of natural Shilajit:

  • Various kinds of problems with the musculoskeletal system: Himalaya mumiyo helps to relieve inflammation during the treatment process, promotes the regeneration of damaged tissues, in case of bone fractures, the use of Himalaya mumiyo is especially recommended, since studies have noticed a direct effect of mumiyo on the rate of bone fusion;
  • Skin diseases: natural shilajit shows itself very well in the process of treating not only acne and acne, but also allows you to achieve excellent results in the fight against psoriasis and seborrhea;
  • Diseases of the gastrointestinal tract: Shilajit is an excellent remedy for gastritis, stomach ulcers and even hepatitis. It is also used to treat various ailments that affect the pancreas and gallbladder;
  • Nervous disorders and overexertion: the use of Himalaya mumiyo improves the saturation of brain cells with oxygen, and glycine, which is part of mumiyo, acts as a sedative, which means that in order to relieve stress and its negative consequences, it is enough to buy mumiyo and start taking it;
  • Shilajit is an excellent, proven remedy for the prevention of cardiovascular diseases, as it is able to strengthen the walls of blood vessels, protecting against such terrible problems as heart attack, stroke, high blood pressure and atherosclerosis;
  • Male and female diseases of the genitourinary system: natural shilajit perfectly copes with prostatitis and prevents the development of impotence in men. For the female half, this remedy is indispensable for normalizing the menstrual cycle and eliminating discomfort during menopause. In addition to all of the above, Himalaya Shilajit is able to heal from infertility.

If a person often encounters malaise caused by the negative impact of the environment, then the use of Shilajit for preventive purposes will help the body strengthen, significantly increase its resistance properties and restore normal life.

In our online store “Panacea” you can buy a Shilajit in Krasnoyarsk at a bargain price and save yourself from many health problems, restore your well-being and the joy of life to yourself and your loved ones.

The use of Shilajit in cosmetology

Cosmetologists came to the conclusion that due to its mineral composition, the Himalaya Shilajit allows you to maintain youth and healthy beauty for a long time.

This natural remedy is widely used to make ointments and creams that smooth wrinkles, get rid of stretch marks and age spots on the skin, remove contaminated areas, flabbiness of the skin, and even help in the fight against cellulite.

Many women use natural shilajit for skin tightening and achieve good results.

In the process of hair care, the Himalaya Shilajit also manifests itself at the highest level. The recipe is simple: you need to dilute the Shilajit with warm water and wash your hair with the resulting solution once a day. You need to do this within seven days, and the results will not be long in coming. But here it is important to remember one rule: during the period of using the Shilajit, you need to abandon decorative cosmetics.

If you want the beneficial properties of Himalaya Shilajit to have a positive effect on your hair all the time, you can add a little of this natural substance to your shampoo.

Himalaya Shilajit and children’s health

Purified Shilajit is an excellent natural remedy that has proven its effectiveness and absolute safety in restoring children’s health. The only point that requires special attention in the treatment of childhood ailments with the help of Shilajit is the dosage. If you are going to buy Shilajit in our store (the price is indicated right on this page) for the treatment of a child, then pay attention to the fact that the children’s dosage is indicated in milligrams.

There is a clearly marked children’s daily dosage of Himalaya Shilajit. So, children under the age of 1 year should be given from 7 to 10 milligrams of the drug. The daily dose for children from one year to nine years is 10-15 milligrams. A child aged 9 to 14 years should be given no more than 30 milligrams of Himalaya Shilajit.

The amazing property of the Himalaya Shilajit is the ability to protect the child’s body from the development of complications due to the transfer of such diseases as rubella, whooping cough, chicken pox and others.

Thanks to the use of natural Shilajit, you can forget about such a common problem among children as adenoids. Here it should be noted the fact that most often this unpleasant problem is solved through surgical intervention, but the use of Shilajit will allow you not to resort to such a radical method of treatment as an operation to remove the adenoids.

Often you have to deal with colds in children, as well as various infections that affect the children’s body. The fight against them is much easier and faster when using the Shilajit. For the prevention of diseases of this kind, Himalaya Shilajit is also ideal.

Often, children experience poisoning, which leads to intoxication of the body. Shilajit perfectly cleanses the liver of toxins and acts as a probiotic, normalizing bowel function.

If your child often comes home with bruises and bruises, then for the speedy healing of injuries, it is recommended to buy a Shilajit and use it. As practice shows, shilajit halves the time of bone fusion in case of a fracture (usually it takes 40 days, but when using natural shilajit, this period is halved).

Are there any contraindications to the use of Shilajit?

Like any other remedy, even of natural origin, Himalaya shilajit, if used incorrectly, can cause some side effects. Therefore, you need to carefully consider when and how this miraculous mountain remedy is used.

With caution, the use of Shilajit should be taken by pregnant women, as well as those who are breastfeeding a baby. Patients with cancer and chronic diseases should also be vigilant when using Shilajit.

In general, the Himalaya Shilajit has an extremely positive effect on the human body and rarely causes any undesirable side effects.

If you want to restore or maintain your health, then it’s time to try a miracle cure called Shilajit


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