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We at Natural Herbs Shop in the business of shilajit since 1980.We are based in The Himalayas mountain ranges and specialist is World’s most Precious Herbs.In order to harvest these herbs our Expert team travel several days to reach High Altitude Mountain Ranges of the Himalayas.These Herbs are then processed and sent out to whole world direct from the Himalayas.

We are specialist in the world’s most precious substance Known as “Shilajit”.Our Shilajit by Natural herbs Shop is processed using ancient methods ,No artificial color/flavor/chemical are added.To learn more about herbs and shilajit please refer to the links below.

Our Featured Products

 Shilajit Himalayan by Natural Herbs Shop,

Buy Shilajit From World’s top suppliers of Original Himalayan Shilajit.


Buy Shilajit by Natural Herbs Shop
Shilajit by Natural Herbs Shop

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Shilajit Himalayan 10 Grams

Now Only $ 43.00

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Shilajit Himalayan 20 Grams

Now Only $ 69.00

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Shilajit Himalayan 40 Grams

Now Only $ 116.00

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Shilajit Himalayan 100 Grams

Now Only $ 258.00

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Shilajit Himalayan 200 Grams

Now Only $ 507.00

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